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AuthorTopic: Brazil nut cracking
09:35 AM
What is the best way to crack brazil nuts? Anyone have any hints? Sometimes I luck out and get the whole nut, but mostly it breaks up and a lot is stuck to the shell. The hints I've found on the web involve boiling and freezing. Help!
02:20 PM
Use a macadamia nut-cracker,

12:28 PM

I am so glad you had the courage to ask. I was having a horrible time getting a good "nut" this weekend. I was thinking about asking, but thought that maybe it was not too serious or maybe people wouldn't understand. Thanks much.

And, Reformed R. thanks for the answer!
12:23 PM
Well, a couple of months ago I asked if there was an easy way to open Brazil nuts, and you recommended a nutcracker (meant for Macadamia nuts) from a website, and I got it. I've given it six weeks, working on technique, and it still is not easy to open the darn things. They often pop in half, and then I get my traditional nut cracker, which busts it into little pieces and it's hard to separate the shell from the nut meat. I am relatively coordinated. Is there a secret I'm missing? It probably takes me 10-12 minutes to open five Brazil nuts! Help!

Also, can you recommend a site for getting Macadamia nuts? Thank you so much!
12:35 PM
Is there a secret I'm missing? It probably takes me 10-12 minutes to open five Brazil nuts!
hmmm, it takes me about 5 seconds a nut...
it is most easy to break the nuts when you focus on cracking 'the shortest side' / the 'back side' of the nut...
07:04 PM
I soak brazil nuts for a few hours in water for a few hours before trying to open them. The water softens the shell. Be sure to only soak what you intend to eat however! I am sure that soaking decreases shelf life of nuts.

I also soak walnuts before opening them. Walnuts will get soft enough to open with your hands if you soak them. I acquired this habit from another raw diet which suggested soaking nuts and seeds before eating.
12:24 PM
Very good idea soaking the nuts!
I put them upright and then, with a hammer i hit the triple vertex/apex (non esglish spoker). sometimes (and this is a victory), maybe 10 to 30% of the nuts, the 3 parts falls apart and the nut jump out perfectally intact. But 70% of the time i got some destroyed nut...
01:17 PM
I bought two british nutcrackers with a rachet action called "Crackerjack" which both broke after a few hundred macadamia nuts.
I now use a Vise-Grip wrench (other brands in the UK are Mole and Draper which are cheaper and just as good for cracking nuts). these have an adjustable jaw that can be set to close at a preset distance so it doesn't crush the kernel and have a lot of leverage so that you can crack really hard nuts and you won't break the cracker!
11:36 PM
I find it really easy to open brazil nutz
just crack a little from one end
then from the other end by then the shell usually falls apart and u get an intact nut...
but never crack in the center cuz u'll break it in half then u'll never get the nut out of both ends..